[postgis-devel] GeomRound and GeomTrunc functions

Gino Lucrezi gino-postgisdevel at lucrezi.net
Fri Jul 2 03:09:48 PDT 2004

> - Since the inspiration come from ROUND and TRUNC
>  what about using ROUND and TRUNC instead of
>  GEOM_ROUND and GEOM_TRUNC for function names ?

geom_round is the 'internal' C name, the name a PostGIS user sees is GeomRound.
Indeed, I could have called them this way, PostgreSQL overloading allows it. 

> - Insipiring functions work on 1-dimensional types
>  what about making Geometry functions take in
>  consideration 2 and 3 dimensions ? Do you see
>  any use of rounding with different values the 3 
>  dimensions ?

I didn't think of it. It could be useful in some cases, especially for the Z axis.

Anyway, it started as something I needed, but it can be improved. Maybe, if you just specify 1 number of digits it will apply to all, if you specify 3 they will be used for x, y and z respectively.

> - Doesn't SQL provide casting toward numeric data ?
>  Have you tried defining your funx as taking int2 and
>  see if postgresql will convert numeric values to int2 ?

I tried, and it didn't do it automatically.
If it is defined as FUNCTION GeomRound(geometry, int2) then I have to call it as GeomRound( the_geom, 1::int2 ) which isn't nice.

> - How would rounding simplify display of geoms ?

I frequently inspect the geometries as psql will report them.

Removing needless digits saves space on my monitor and paper when I print them.

When I display them on a map there is no change, obviously. Maybe I should have used a different verb than "display" :-)

Gino Lucrezi
Penta Consulting Services Srl

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