[postgis-devel] Use of lwgeom API?

Christoph Spoerri cspoerri at cavtel.net
Tue Nov 16 20:18:01 PST 2004

I'm wrote some code for linear referencing a couple months ago using the 'old' 
GEOMETRY type. Now, I'm trying to move my code to the new LWGEOM type. 
Looking at the existing code, I'm getting fairly confused about the different 
structures (PG_LWGEOM, LWGEOM, LWGEOM_INSPECTED, etc.) representing the new 

I'm now wondering if there's a short description of the different structures 
and when to use them. Or is there even a documented API that would describe 
all the different functions available to the developer (e.g. 
lwgeom_getsubgeometry_inspected() does this or that ...).

This type of info would make it a lot easier for me, since I'm only an 
occasional C users and POSTGIS coder.

thanks in advance,

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