[postgis-devel] PostGIS 1.1.0 - call for closeup

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Tue Dec 13 04:00:33 PST 2005

Updates on the TODO list for 1.1.0.

Dropped items

I've dropped the special SRID=-1 handling as I think
it needs more discussion (Markus, patch is welcome for
the centralization of match check).

OGC polygon constructors have been implemented.

Regression tests have been improved.

Upgrade mechanism *is* better.

Added items

Added a generic LRS functions to the list
as it would be nice to be about complete on
that rather then partial as we probably are.

So we're left with (comments below each item):

- LRS functions

  What's missing from the available set ?

- LineMerge and Polygonize* interfaces for JTS

  is anybody actually using the JTS interface ?

- Selectivity estimation code merge (+- pgsql-8.0.0)

  no comment, will leave this to interested parties

- Fix invalid stats computation

  When stats canno be computed (no rows in table, for example)
  the old stats will be kept. This means that - for example -
  estimated_extent() could return a big BOX even on empty table,
  and vacuum won't fix this (you'll need to add valid shapes in
  order for the stats computer to generate valid stats).

- MakeValidShape() to remove consecutive vertexes and any eventual
  other cleanup aimed at making pgsql2shp produce "valid" Shapefiles.

  This needs a list of shapefile requirements. Anyone ?
  Maybe we can just add a RemoveRepeatedPoints() function
  meanwhile (note that simplify(geom,0) would already do this
  and more (ie: remove all intermediate points in a straight line).


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