[postgis-devel] Inconsistency in Measured Geometries

Markus Schaber schabios at logi-track.com
Sat Jan 15 04:34:06 PST 2005


While reworking the PostGIS JDBC code, I stumbled over a inconsistency
in WKT of measured Geometries. Weird that I did not notice this earlier.

2d Geometries with measure have a "M" appended to their name in the WKT,
but 3d Geometries with measure do not have such an M, but look like 4d

It would be more consistent to have measured 3d geometries also have the
M appended to the name. (Maybe we even get 4d geometries some time (3d +
time) that come with and without measure.)

I did not look at the C code yet, but at least on the Java side it would
make the code a little simpler. I also think that this consistency may
be a plus point for getting OpenGIS approval of EWKT. But, on the other
hand, it may be too late to change this in the implementation,
especially as RC1 is out.

Thanks for your patience,
and have a nice weekend!

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