[postgis-devel] JDBC updates

Markus Schaber schabios at logi-track.com
Tue Jan 18 05:19:04 PST 2005

Hi, Strk,

strk at refractions.net schrieb:
> Markus, I'm not a Java hacker, but I'm trying to at least build
> the driver. The first thing I note is that you're still using
> PSQLException, while you should be using SQLException.

Thanks for the hint, removed.

> If you look at ChangeLog:
> 2004-10-06 00:46  strk
>         * org/postgis/Point.java: Removed PGSQLException use as suggested
>         by Kris Jurka
> Dunno which pgsql versions do need SQLException and which PSQLException.

SQLException exists in the Java JDBC spec, whileas PGSQLException is a
PostgreSQL-Specific subclass of it.

Via grep, I found one single occurence in the Point WKT parsing code.
I'm shure I did not touch this method during my WKB work, but it may
have slipped trough some earlier CVS update. The codebase I started from
contained the Patchwork *SIC* I submitted for review earlier.

There's a huge todo list included, and WKT parsing is part of it.

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