[postgis-devel] JDBC updates

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Wed Jan 19 00:49:07 PST 2005

Markus, I've imported a jdbc2 directory as you suggested,
removing some directories. This way more people will have 
a chance of testing it and development would be easier.

I think we need opinions from other JDBC users, so mailing
to postgis-users would be a good idea.

Thanks for the good work !


On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 06:28:22PM +0100, Markus Schaber wrote:
> Hi,
> Just my current progress (see attachment):
> - PostGIS 1.0CVS passes all tests from TestParser.java (see
>   regression.txt inside the attachment)
> - PostGIS 0.8 on the server side produces some errors. This is caused
>   by the different handling of multi geometries:
>   - Multiple MULTIPOINTS in the same GeometryCollection not allowed
>     (weirdly, it seems to accept several MultiPolygons...)
>   - MULTI* inside a GeometryCollection are flattened out
>   - MULTI* EMPTY are not accepted on the server side (but, surprisingly,
>     all other EMPTY types are accepted).
>   I think we can live with those. They all are are caused by testcases
>   not handled by my ancient PostGIS version, and not bugs in the code
>   itsself.
>   PostGIS 0.9 and TestServer.java still not tested by me.
> - successfully tested pgjdbc.jar versions are:
>   - pg74.214.jdbc3.jar
>   - postgresql-jdbc3-7.4.2.jar
>   - postgresql-8.0.309.jdbc3.jar
> - I updated both the Makefile and the ant build.xml.
>   (It's nerving that Make forces the user to keep track of all
>    .java and .class files if you want to fully exploit the build
>    dependency management, and to only build the changed files...)
> - And the attached zip file does not include the binaries any more
>   (halves the size :-)
> Maybe Paul has enough time to have a small look at it. Should I announce
> the next release on postgis-users, too, so we can get more to test it?
> Have a nice try,
> Markus

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