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Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
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> Hi,
> Would it be possible to create a function that transforms x, 
> y values from one srid to another srid?
> The reason I ask is I have a database of nodes, lines and 
> boundaries geometries which are physically translated (-160 
> shift, because or New Zealand data crosses the 180 longitude 
> line) and are stored at a low precision. I also have a table 
> of node coordinates (x, column y column, z
> column) that are stored as double precision coordinates which 
> have both a higher precision that the spatial geometries and 
> are not translated. These coordinates are used for other 
> mathematical operations, and when changed are used to 
> reconstruct the relating spatial geometries.
> The function prototype I was thinking about was: 
> transform(double x, double y, [double z], int srid_in, int srid_out);
> This function would be a convenience and would save me having 
> to construct and translate geometries each time (sometimes 
> have to transforms 100's of millions coordinates)
> Thanks
> Jeremy  

Hi Jeremy,

If you are using PostGIS 1.0 then you should be able to do something like
this which will construct the POINT geometries on the fly:

SELECT transform(setSRID(MakePoint(x, y), <srid_in>), <srid_out>) FROM

Also you may be in interested in that I have been working on a patch in
PostGIS CVS that will dramatically increase the speed on queries such as the
ones given above on large datasets - see the thread "Transform() PROJ4 cache
patch" for some example timings.

Kind regards,


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