[postgis-devel] Transform fails in new transform caching code

Mark Cave-Ayland m.cave-ayland at webbased.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 01:22:47 PST 2005

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> Subject: [postgis-devel] Transform fails in new transform caching code
> Hi,
> I'm getting the following error when using the new transform function:
> ERROR:  AddToPROJ4SRSCache: couldn't parse proj4 string: '+proj=tmerc
> +lat_0=-43.59055555555556 +lon_0=172.7269444444445 +k=1.000000 +x_0=400000
> +y_0=800000 +ellps=GRS80 +towgs84=0,0,0,0,0,0,0 +units=m +no_defs ': no
> system list, errno: 12
> Note I do not get this error immediately after running my transform query.
> I have also tested the srid (2124) on multiple points and have not had
> this problem before, so I'm sure the proj4test string is correct. It's
> also interesting that err no = 12, which is a non list proj4 error...
> Just for a bit of background, the query I'm running is completing the
> transformation from the Cartesian product of 60 crdsys to another 30
> coordinate system. While this does not seem like a normal thing to do, it
> is required for some projection statistics I'm trying to produce.
> Maybe there is a problem with the cache becoming full?
> Cheers
> Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for helping test the new projection code. Since we appear to be in
totally opposing timezones, I've come up with several checks below that
would really help me determine what is happening:

1) Ensure that you have the latest CVS checkout since there have been a
couple of bugs fixed since I replied to your original post on the list - it
may be that this will solve the problem on its own.

2) Can you give the exact SQL and the proj4text for both SRIDs that you are
using that causes the new code to fail.

3) To check what the cache is doing, can you uncomment the PROJ4_CACHE_DEBUG
definition around line 71 of lwgeom_transform.c, do "make install" again,
and then re-connect using psql. You should then find that you get lots of
debugging NOTICEs which will tell us exactly what is happening with the

4) You mentioned in your post that the query doesn't fail straight away. Can
you try declaring a cursor something like:

DECLARE a CURSOR FOR <select statement>;

By changing the value of n and repeating the FETCH, it is possible to fetch
the next n transformed rows from your dataset. Using this you should be able
to get an estimate of how far through your dataset you are managing to get
before the error occurs. 

If you could repeat this in several psql sessions, this allow us to see how
many geometries can be processed before the transform fails, and whether
this value changes between psql sessions. The largest set I've tested on is
about 7 million records without any problems.

Many thanks,


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