[postgis-devel] more fun on Ultrasparc, unfortunately...

Alex Mayrhofer axelm-postgis at nona.net
Tue Nov 29 11:53:58 PST 2005

strk at refractions.net wrote:
> 1.0.6 should do, please try it.

sorry, same crash with

  POSTGIS="1.0.6CVS" GEOS="2.1.1" PROJ="Rel. 4.4.9, 29 Oct 2004" USE_STATS 
DBPROC="0.3.0" RELPROC="0.3.0"

(gdb) frame 6
#6  0x72324eb0 in lwgeom_release (lwgeom=0x3d9728) at lwgeom.c:278
278     lwgeom.c: No such file or directory.
         in lwgeom.c
(gdb) print col->ngeoms
$1 = -2067174921

The whole "col" structure seems to be botched (with the exception of "type"):

(gdb) print /x *col
$17 = {type = 0x0, bbox = 0xc2c98309, SRID = 0x3e47de88, ngeoms = 0x84c969f7,
   geoms = 0x7485d97}

I should mention that transforming a single point works fine:

terrasketch=# select transform(geomfromewkt('SRID=4326;POINT(1 1)'), 32633); 
(1 row)

I'm two inches from ordering an i386 box for my site just to get rid of that 
otherwise nice Sparc box :-/



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