[postgis-devel] Do you think Scalability problem exists in current GIS application?

zhang Jackie jackieict at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 18:11:47 PST 2006

 I want to build a Saptial data engine cluster to improve the Scalability
and performance of GIS application.Firstly, I must make sure these problems
exits in real world! My initial idea is as follows!

Many GIS application ,such as PostGis+PostGreSQL arcSDE ...,are stand-alone
and the capacity of one machine is limited,that is to say if the size of
data is too big to be stored in one DB,such architecture is
insufficient.AndThese data is managed by one Spatial DBMS,in
production application
eviroment,such as googleearth , performance is a big prolem.Especially ,when
you want to add a new node into these application to improve its performance
and storage capacity.

I thought severe scalablity problem exists in current GIS application,But I
cant get some support for such viewpoint while I have rare opportunity to
access such big reslistic Gis application.Do you think such problems exist
in real world and current GIS application need to improve its
saclability.Can you give some evidence

any reply is appreciated!
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