[postgis-devel] PostGISplus for 3D graphic primitive

Deni Suwardhi deni at gd.itb.ac.id
Sun Mar 19 18:36:27 PST 2006


my name Deni Suwardhi,

I'm doing a research about morphometric database (medical purpose) using
postGIS for storing 3D object. I have enhance opengis simple feature
specification by adding some 3D graphic primitif such as triangular
surface, tetrahedron, polyhedron, voxel, etc.

Enclosed is my geometric data model using OpenGIS simple feature as a
base. The Geometric data model design and implementation in PostGIS are
part of my on going research in Malaysia.

I hope this can support for 3D GeoDBMS or 3D GeoIntegratedDBMS project.
Can I join to the postgis developers team? I want to concentrate
on 3D Geo DBMS using Postgis/postgresql.

Any comments?

thank you.

Deni Suwardhi
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