[postgis-devel] A Suggestion - Making the Repositories Available via Rsync or CVSync

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Oct 4 16:37:45 PDT 2006

Slightly confuzzled about what you want rsync to expose...  a recent  
version of the source tree? the actual repository database files (we  
are in SVN, not CVS, so the data lives in opaque database files now)?


On 4-Oct-06, at 3:29 PM, Joel Miller wrote:

> I've looked at using svnsync, but it has so much overhead just to  
> give me a local repository that I can't twiddle locally with if I  
> ever want to sync it again.
> That's one reason I still like cvs: Projects can create a branch  
> named "local" or something similar that no one ever makes commits  
> to in the master repository, then developers with their local  
> copies of the repositories can check in their not-ready-for-prime- 
> time changes under the "local" branch. They don't have to choose  
> between giving up the ability to sync or losing their changes the  
> next time they sync. From what I've read about svn, it can't do  
> that yet.
> Besides, rsync is already up and running on the very server that  
> the repository is on (svn.refractions.net), it would just be a  
> matter of updating the rsync configuration file to add rsync- 
> modules that make the directories and files of the repositories  
> available.
> Joel
> Markus Schaber wrote:
>> Hi, Joel,
>> Joel Miller wrote:
>>> I've been trying to get a local mirror of the cvs & svn  
>>> repositories,
>>> but I cannot find hide nor hair of them in the rsync modules that  
>>> are
>>> available on svn.refractions.net.
>>> Since rsync is already set up on the server, would it be possible  
>>> to add
>>> the repositories to the available modules?
>> What about "svnsync" - that should do what you want without rsync...
>> HTH,
>> Markus
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