[postgis-devel] ready for 1.1.6 ?

strk at refractions.net strk at refractions.net
Tue Oct 31 00:12:49 PST 2006

Changes since 1.1.5:

        - fixed CAPI change that broke 64-bit platforms
        - use Z ordinate in reprojections
        - spatial_ref_sys.sql updated to EPSG 6.11.1
        - Simplified Version.config infrastructure to use a single
          pack of version variables for everything.
        - Include the Version.config in loader/dumper USAGE messages
        - Replace hand-made, fragile JDBC version parser with Properties
        - loader/dumper: fixed regression tests and usage output

The 64-bit break is the most critical, thus the new release.
Anything left ?


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