[postgis-devel] Box3D

Vincent Heurteaux vincent.heurteaux at geomatys.fr
Wed Jul 25 23:18:34 PDT 2007


We are trying to use a PostGIS database with a column of "box3d"  
type. I realize that most PostGIS functions are designed for working  
on geometry objects, but we though that "box3d" was exactly what we  
need (namely, store the envelope of a 3 dimensional raster). However  
we ran over a number of problems:

* It seems to be impossible to create an index for a
   column of type "box3d". Did we missed something?

* It seems impossible to pass a "box3d" object in a JDBC  
   using the PostGIS driver. Attempt to pass a org.postgis.PGbox3d  
   to PreparedStatement.setObject(...) results in an exception  
similar to the
   problem described here:


   Attempt to pass a BOX3D as a String did not worked neither  
   said that it don't know any && operation taking my argument, or  
that my
   argument is an invalid geometry). We add to pass the argument as a
   MULTIPOINT rather than BOX3D.

Are we missing some simple trick, or are we suppose to avoid "box3d"  
columns when using PostGIS?

Vincent Heurteaux

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