[postgis-devel] Moving towards a 1.2.2 release?

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Mon May 14 14:11:54 PDT 2007

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

> 1. Renaming template_gis -> template_postgis as agreed in the original
> thread at
> http://postgis.refractions.net/pipermail/postgis-devel/2007-January/002477.html. I'm tempted to move template_postgis under utils/ as suggested by strk. While I believe that the current issue of /etc/default writing outside of the tree has been fixed in SVN, the existing code has lots of Debian specific things in there. I intend to come up with a patch just to fix the name issue, then maybe think about removing the Debian specific stuff later. Will this affect Debian maintainers in any way?

Yes, please.
Not fond of the Debian stuff in there though. It should really be 
nothing more than a shell script that tries to become postgres (or uses 
pg_config to figure out the postgres super user?) and then creates and 
loads a new template_postgis database... not sure why it is also trying 
to copy stuff to /etc, or doing anything other than database ops.

> 2. Confirm the recent GEOS C-API/autoconf changes haven't broken any of
> the more unusual PostGIS platforms. If anyone could test these, that
> would be great.

Hopefully we can get some testing ahead of time, failing that...

> 3. Compiling and regression testing against a PostgreSQL 8.3 tree. Most
> versions tend to break the index code, and I'd be surprised if 8.3 was
> any different. There are likely to be some small fixes needed here.

If you're in a hurry to do this. Otherwise, it can certainly wait for 
another minor release.

> Any other thoughts/outstanding issues?
> Kind regards,
> Mark.


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