[postgis-devel] Testing PgRouting 1.0.0.a on Win32

TECHER David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Wed May 23 06:48:20 PDT 2007


I've succeeded in compiling pgrouting 1.0.0.a on windows xp with boost

for the moment with ming/msys

configure --with-boost --with-gaul=no and --with-cgal=no

and by deleting in dijkstra.c

#ifndef PG_MODULE_MAGIC --> line 43
#endif --> line 45

So shortest_path() and *_astar_* () works() for me on windows!

Since I need gaul in order to have tsp and *_tsp_*(), did someone know
how to compile   in order to
have tsp()???

I've succeeded ing compiling gaul on win32 with dev-c++.




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