[postgis-devel] Conversion from box3d to box2d changes bounds

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Sat Sep 22 16:13:28 PDT 2007

> box3d_to_box2df(BOX3D *box)
> {
>         ...
>     result->xmin = nextDown_f(box->xmin);
>     result->xmax = nextUp_f(box->xmax);
> }
> Notice it *intentionally* changes the bounding box.  I assume there is a 
> good reason for this, but curious what it is.

Ah - its the double to float conversion.  Ok - so envelope works now by 
checking the bounds in 2d, using this method:

getbox2d_p(SERIALIZED_FORM(geom), &box)

It seems that needs to change to use the 3d box as provided by this method:

compute_serialized_box3d_p(SERIALIZED_FORM(geom), &box)

This avoids the down-conversion and returns the correct results.

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