[postgis-devel] Issue 21 in postgis: locate_along_measure: wrong values, invalid data ?

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Wed Dec 3 08:39:19 PST 2008

Comment #17 on issue 21 by mark.cav... at siriusit.co.uk:  
locate_along_measure: wrong values, invalid data ?

I know that this is a old bug (and even marked as closed), but I've been
investigating Stephen Davies' regression failure and have found that on some
platforms, removing the logic in comment #3 re-introduces floating point  
errors :(

As a result of this, I've realised that the combination of memcpy/clipping  
logic was
wrong and so have spent quite a bit of time testing this on Stephen's  
machine. With
the latest SVN commits to 1.3 branch and trunk, I've re-introduced the  
memcpy() and
adjusted the logic so that his machine now passes regression.

However: the LRS logic is complicated. If you have some LRS test cases  
lying around,
please run them through a recent SVN update and make sure I haven't missed  
any corner

I don't see this as an emergency fix to push out a 1.3.5 yet, but I've  
backpatched it
as it is likely to catch someone out in the future.



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