[postgis-devel] CLUSTER in 8.3

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Fri Dec 5 09:42:01 PST 2008

As I recall when it failed it didn't just clobber the index, it clobbered all the records when I went to open the table. Very scary

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Chris Hodgson wrote:
> It might be worth trying it on a non-Postgis index... if you can 
> replicate it using a the GiST B-tree implementation on a table full of 
> integers then I expect you could immediately get the attention of the 
> Postgres devs, or at least Oleg and/or Teodor.
> If you can't replicate it that way, it still doesn't rule it out as a 
> Postgresql core or GiST problem... but it certainly suggests that 
> Postgis does something differently that isn't helping.
> Chris

I think the GiST part is a red herring - there is no way that a "SELECT 
COUNT(*) FROM foo" can use an index in PostgreSQL. My suspicion is that 
it's related to the use of ANALYZE/VACUUM/CLUSTER.



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