[postgis-devel] The Garden Test

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Thu Dec 11 11:06:18 PST 2008

I've committed my first version of what I shall call the Garden Test.

Its an xsl file that when applied to the reference_new.xml generates
an sql file that looks like the attached file.

Right now it just pulls all the aggregates and unary functions from the docs that take geometries and tests them against generate_series (points, lines, polygons

I also do against an ST_Multi of the above geometries to test multi geometries.

I know the spacing sucks and eventually I plan to just have an array of geometries 
to test against.  but its a start.

Feel free to test on your builds.  Have only tested on 1.3.3 (which of course it failed on populate_geom.. and Asgeojson, but will test later on on 1.3.5SVN and 3.1

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