[postgis-devel] Issue 83 in postgis: ST_Multi on curved polygon gives ERROR: Unknown geometry type: 0

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Sun Dec 14 07:04:31 PST 2008

Status: Accepted
Owner: robe.... at cityofboston.gov

New issue 83 by robe.... at cityofboston.gov: ST_Multi on curved polygon gives  
ERROR:  Unknown geometry type: 0

What steps will reproduce the problem?
FROM generate_series(1,2) AS i CROSS JOIN generate_series(3,4) AS j

What is the expected output?
On 1.3.3 install it gives
"CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(3 3,2.4142135623731 1.58578643762691,1
1,-0.414213562373101 4.41421356237309,3 3))"
"CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(3 4,2.4142135623731 2.58578643762691,1
2,-0.414213562373101 5.41421356237309,3 4))"
"CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(4 3,3.4142135623731 1.58578643762691,2
1,0.585786437626899 4.41421356237309,4 3))"
"CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(4 4,3.4142135623731 2.58578643762691,2
2,0.585786437626899 5.41421356237309,4 4))"

What do you see instead?
ERROR:  Unknown geometry type: 0

This was uncovered during torture testing on 1.3.5SVN.  Haven't verified
the issue exists in 1.4 but didn't give error in 1.3.3.

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