[postgis-devel] Issue 83 in postgis: ST_Multi on curved polygon gives ERROR: Unknown geometry type: 0

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Mon Dec 15 02:43:13 PST 2008

	Status: Testing

Comment #3 on issue 83 by mark.cav... at siriusit.co.uk: ST_Multi on curved  
polygon gives ERROR:  Unknown geometry type: 0

I see what happened here: when I introduced the new  
function, I misunderstood what the logic was doing in LWGEOM_force_multi.  
The mistake
I made was assuming that all non-collection types can be converted to  
MULTI; whereas
in fact the only types that can be converted to MULTI are the standard  
LINESTRING and POLYGON since these are the only MULTI types that exist!

I've committed a patch to clarify the logic and your example above now  
works (i.e. it
maintains the same behaviour in 1.3.3). I guess if people think that this  
is wrong we could discuss it further, but at the moment it's not  
particularly clear
exactly what it should be.



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