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I'm okay  with this +1.  So I guess we just have to wait for the others to
give there okay or not okay.

Also we had put for product wktraster -- can you use that too.  Seems a
little redundant but I figure its easier way to completely separate out the
postgis from wktraster tickets.


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I've ported part of Planning and Funding old Wiki:


However, I'm not happy myself about the result and lack of use of Trac
features. I think it would make more sense to do it this way:

1. Create set of WKT Raster specific milestones:


2. Consider all 0.X versions as Beta versions.

3. "Translate" all micro-Beta versions to Beta versions:

0.1a -> wktraster-0.1
0.1b -> wktraster-0.2
0.1c -> wktraster-0.3
0.2a -> wktraster-0.8

4. Submit each task specified in the planning & funding as a separate
Ticket. Such tickets could include all corresponding details like schedule,
timing, funds, status and could be easily assigned (and reassigned if
needed) to partic0.2)  and to developers using Trac features.

5. The Roadmap and milestone TracLinks can generate reports automatically,
so there is no need to craft complex tables on the Wiki page.

So, I have a couple of questions:
Does it even make sense?
Pierre - the project manager - what do you think about this?
PostGIS Community - what do you think about polluting the list of PostGIS
milestones with WKT Raster milestones?

Best regards,
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