[postgis-devel] Versioning and History

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri Dec 4 12:49:00 PST 2009

 >  And a comment:

 >  Think *Views*! ... hiding this complexity in views will make your life
easier plus it will not need changes in clients. Clients connecting to a
PostgreSQL DB can use the tables like they normally do, and clients that
want to leverage the versioning aspect of it can use the versioning stored
procedures (i.e set_current_version('myversion')).

 >  My two cents,

 >  - Ragi 
Just a note.  Views are great, but to many applications they don't see
primary keys and when they don't sadly views appear as read-only even if you
make them updateable.  Just something to consider, that they are sadly not
as transparent as they should be. Think geoserver for example.

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