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Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Sun Dec 6 02:10:41 PST 2009

 >  Hello Regina and thank you so much for joining the conversation. IMHO an
application that will not execute edits on an updatable view is an  
>  application with a bug :)  
> However, you do have a valid point. 

> Changing the logic of application to be able to edit rows that don't have
primary keys is probably a crazy request so I will not go there (I am
thinking how all the rows in OGR, for example, require an ObjectID).
Well its kind of questionable where the bug lies.  The ideal place to fix
said bug is in PostgreSQL.  If PostgreSQL had some mechanism in creating a
view to denote what the primary key SHOULD be.
Or less desirable for the application (such as what MapServer has -- to
allow the user to dictate what the primary key is)
 >  Think about the alternative of *not* using views. I would always have to
append _v1 or _v2  or _v3 to my ALL my tables names to get  
>  the  right    results. It just becomes inconvenient for scripts and such.
An that is the scenario where we are talking about workspace-level  
>  versioning. If we are talking tables, ugh, I don't even want think about
it - it would be horrible.
 But I agree with you leveraging views or inherited tables with rules is
probably the best bet. 
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