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Wed Dec 9 03:48:43 PST 2009

#343: History Table Enhancements
 Reporter:  pimpaa          |       Owner:  pimpaa       
     Type:  patch           |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium          |   Milestone:  PostGIS 1.5.0
Component:  postgis         |     Version:  1.4          
 Keywords:  History Tables  |  
 I'm here to propose some enhancements I had in my mind for my History
 Tables implementation.

 I have some interesting ideas for complementary functions inside this

 a) a function that allows the user to deactivates the logging of a certain
 table. All this function does is to delete the specified table rules and
 clean-up geometry_columns and history_information tables with relevant
 with information.

 a.1) a function that allows the user to activate the logging in history
 tables again. the function will be the same as the used to initially start
 the log. the only difference is that now uses a simple exists() test to
 determine if table already exists, and if so, recreate the rules and all
 the necessary rows in history_information and geometry_columns.

 these two functions are already ready and in the following patch.

 b) a function to populate a new history table with all records in the
 table currently being logged. this should not be hard, but can be
 cumbersome for large datasets. I appreciate any thoughts on this matter.

 Any other requests for patches or enhancements, please, post it here and
 i'll try my best.

 As always, I appreciate any comments or critics.

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