[postgis-devel] "the_geom" quick feedback

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Wed Dec 16 10:36:54 PST 2009

Yah not to mention I've gotten so used to writing the_geom and too lazy to
have to override it and I don't want half my tables with geom and the other
half with the_geom


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Paul Ramsey wrote:

> Yesterday I rashly changed the default geometry column created by the
shape loader from "the_geom" to "geom". And lo, the loader regression is
broken this morning. 
> So. Before I go and change the regression expects to match my inputs: is
this regressing change of the default name acceptable? I have always chafed
about it a little (the_geom) but I accepted it. It would be nice not to have
it "the" anymore, but not critical.
> P

I don't think the change itself is much of a problem, however it will
obviously obsolete a reasonable amount of training material and tutorials on
the internet.



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