[postgis-devel] getopt.h

Paul Ramsey pramsey at opengeo.org
Fri Dec 18 09:47:24 PST 2009

Don't want to get into a reversion war here... I want to remove the
getopt custom junk in loader. I know I broke MinGW, but the solution
isn't to add pgis_getopt back in, it's to find a system getopt for
MinGW, and it turns out there is one, you just have to test for
HAVE_UNISTD and if it isn't there, include <getopt.h> and minGW works

The old getopt stuff dates back to almost the beginning of PostGIS,
when Dave dumped it in there rather than figure out an incompatibility
between the Solaris getopt and the linux getopt. So when I ripped it
out, I tested on Solaris and everything worked fine.


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