[postgis-devel] Windows build for 1.4.1

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Tue Dec 22 04:57:32 PST 2009

Paragon Corporation wrote:

> We are building the windows stack builder install for 1.4.1
> Mark,
> This is more a question for you I guess.  Do you mind if we replace the html
> documentation with the PDF manual and also have an online link to the svn
> 1.4 html documentation.
> We figure off-line the PDF version is more useful as its easier to search
> and also if we go with the html we would have to package all those images.
> Now that we have so many images and that is increasing -- its a bit of a
> pain to update that section of the installer.

For consistency, I'd recommend using the same documentation format for 
the whole of the 1.4 series of installers. However, I also accept that 
being the Win32 maintainers then it is your choice to package the files 
in the format that is both easiest for you as long as you make the 
documentation available.

> Paul,
> Are we supposed to be able to build shp2pgsql-gui with the 1.4.1 tar ball?
> Get all sorts of errors.  Though we were able to with the 1.5  last we
> tried.
> Anyrate given the heavy gtk dependency -- I don't think we'll be including
> it as part of the installer package, unless someone can think of a good way
> to package it.  We were thinking of just having this as a separate download
> and have people download the gtk bundle separately or package it with the
> separate download.
> Thoughts anyone?

Since the GUI never made the 1.4.0 installer, I'd wait and just package 
it starting with 1.5. I would recommend that you include the GTK DLLs as 
part of the main installer and then just drop them into the PostgreSQL 
bin/ directory so they don't interfere with anything else.

The reason I suggest this is that I had several people at PGDay come up 
to me and say one of the main reasons they started using PostGIS was 
because they simply ran StackBuilder under Windows, selected PostGIS and 
everything "just worked". I think if you were to start offering separate 
downloads then we would start to lose the accessibility that encouraged 
people to use the installer in the first place.



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