[postgis-devel] PostGIS 1.4.1 Windows installer/Stack Builder

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Dec 28 12:59:12 PST 2009

Mark and Dave,

We've uploaded the PostGIS 1.4.1 installer to StackBuilder and the PostGIS
website.  We tested it on a couple of workstations and servers (including
Windows 7) and tested the uninstall.

We didn't include the GUI this time per Mark's suggestion but plan to for
Mark -- we went against the grain on the documentation and packaged the PDF
(instead of adding all those images to the list).  Its just so much easier
to version and makes our nsis scripts so much shorter.  We also switched the
JDBC help to OnLine help instead of packaging all those html files so it is
consistent with the regular PostgreSQL JDBC help. We also threw in a
short-cut to PostGIS documentation page and home page.  We figure it gets us
half-way there for the upcoming PostGIS 1.5 install and gets people to visit
the PostGIS site.  


We would really like to register the PostGIS Shapefile loader as a PgAdmin
plugin for the upcoming PostGIS 1.5.  Is there an easy way of doing this in
our installer, without overwriting the plugins.ini file?  As we describe

I assume that is a no-no?

I think having it already installed as a PgAdmin plugin will be a real boost
for PostGIS users who use PgAdmin a lot.

Regina and Leo

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