[postgis-devel] st_intersect crasher

David Fuhry dfuhry at acm.org
Thu Jul 16 21:05:22 PDT 2009

Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Is this from an SVN checkout or a release tarball? If it's from the 
> tarball, can you try from a checkout instead?

Updating geos to SVN HEAD and postgis to 1.4.0rc2 fixed the problem.  I 
never did get it fully diagnosed.

Before updating, I rebuilt the old postgis with --enable-debug, and the 
st_intersection call output (attached) looked as expected - a geos 
crash, but with nothing unusual-looking before that.

Strangely, the attached geos_test.c succeeded.  I thought that ldd 
showed both its binary and the postgres shared object in PKGLIBDIR / 
$libdir (/usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/lib) linked to the same libgeos and 
libgeos_c objects, although I could have been wrong about that.

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