[postgis-devel] PgAdmin III Plugins

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Jun 22 20:43:18 PDT 2009


Regarding your note.  Yes would be good to have this in stackbuilder.  To me
its more or less the same since EnterpriseDb manages stackbuilder deployment
as well as PgAdmin III development and the most logical hanging location is
in the plugins toggle on PgAdmin III right below PSQL.  That is where users
looking for a shape loader gui  are going to be looking regardless of OS
they are running.

Anyrate yes I consider stack builder more important, but not sure how the
plugins.ini would get changed via stack builder (I presume it should get
changed if a user choose PostGIS from install).  Many windows users get
pgAdmin III via their PostgreSQL stackbuilder install.

I'm still tackling compiling this under MingW.  I can get pango and gtlib to
compile but can't get gtk+ to see my gtlib2 or pango installs.  I'm sure its
mostly my imaptience and general ineptness.  Mark or any other MingW users
have any thoughts on this?


> I think getting bundled in pgadmin is not very important, compared to 
> being bundled in the postgis windows stackbuilder build.

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