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Tue Apr 5 21:19:52 PDT 2011

#339: [raster] Implement ST_Band function for raster
 Reporter:  mloskot         |       Owner:  pracine              
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 Priority:  low             |   Milestone:  PostGIS Raster Future
Component:  postgis raster  |     Version:  trunk                
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Comment(by dustymugs):

 As part of the FV.01, I propose the following function versions for

 ST_Band(rast raster, nbands int[]) -> raster

     nbands is an array of 1-based band indices of the bands to copy into
 the output raster

     Ex: For a raster rast with 3 bands:

         ST_Band(rast, ARRAY[1,3,2])

         ST_Band(rast, ARRAY[3,2,1])

         You can rearrange the bands as above. You can also duplicate the

         ST_Band(rast, ARRAY[1,2,3,2,1])

 ST_Band(rast raster, nband int) -> raster

     nband is a single integer of the 1-based band index of the band to
 copy into the output raster

     Ex: ST_Band(rast, 1)

         ST_Band(rast, 3)

 ST_Band(rast raster, nbands text) -> raster

     nbands is a comma separated string of 1-based band indices indicating
 the bands to copy into the output raster

     Ex: ST_Band(rast, '1,2')

         ST_Band(rast, '1,2,3, 1, 1 , 2')

 ST_Band(rast raster)

     the band to extract is automatically assumed to be one.

     Ex: ST_Band(rast) -> raster

 Should I include a expanded version of the ST_Band(rast raster, nbands
 text) to provide the ability to specify the delimiter?

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