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#903: [raster] ST_Reclass
 Reporter:  dustymugs       |       Owner:  dustymugs    
     Type:  task            |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium          |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
Component:  postgis raster  |     Version:  1.5.X        
 Keywords:                  |  
 Due to limitations in the JPEG (8BUI) and PNG (8BUI and 16BUI) raster
 formats regarding supported pixel/data types, a method must be provided
 that can convert a band of a larger data type to 8BUI, amongst other uses.

 As proposed by Pierre...

 ST_Reclass(rast raster, nband int, reclassexpr text, pixeltype text,
 [nband int, reclassexpr text, pixeltype text]...)

 The above allows the function to reclass one or more bands at the same

 The reclassexpr argument is a string like

 'rangefrom:rangeto, [rangefrom:rangeto]'

 where the ranges are 'int-int' or just 'int' (float or double if

 So, you could reclass one band to three new R, G and B bands:

   red: min(covmin, 0)-0:0,0-max(covmax, 0):0-255

   green: min(covmin, 0)-0:200,0-max(covmax, 0):0-255

   blue: min(covmin, 0)-0:255,0-max(covmax, 0)/2:0, max(covmax,
 0)/2-max(covmax, 0):0-255

 CREATE TABLE elevationcov AS
 SELECT ST_Reclass(rast,
                   1, LEAST(covmin, 0)::text || '-0:0,0-' ||
 GREATEST(covmax, 0)::text || ':0-255', '8BUI',
                   1, LEAST(covmin, 0)::text || '-0:200,0-' ||
 GREATEST(covmax, 0)::text' || ':0-255','8BUI',
                   1, LEAST(covmin, 0)::text || '-0:255,0-' ||
 (GREATEST(covmax, 0)/2)::text' || ':0,' || (GREATEST(covmax, 0)/2)::text'
 || ':' || GREATEST(covmax, 0)::text || ':0-255', '8BUI')
 FROM mycoverage

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