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#903: [raster] ST_Reclass
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 Priority:  medium          |   Milestone:  PostGIS Raster Future
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Comment(by pracine):

 1) Could it not be VARIADIC of a composite type? e.g.:

 CREATE TYPE reclassarg AS (
     nband int,
     reclassexpr text,
     pixeltype text

 CREATE FUNCTION  ST_Reclass(rast, raster, VARIADIC args reclassarg[])...

 I don't know if this works. I think this comes to the same as your last
 ARRAY solution but I'm not sure.

 I don't think we mind too much about not supporting PostgreSQL 8.3 and

 2) I was planning "rangemin <= x < rangemax". To solve the rangemax issue
 when x = rangemax you could introduce the keyword "rangemax" saying "if
 you use the "rangemax" keyword for rangemax, '<=' is used instead of '<'"
 in the comparison. To be convenient and symetrical you could also support
 the "rangemin" keyword even if we don't really need it.

 Don't forget that we might want to recall a range of values to NULL

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