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#903: [raster] ST_Reclass
 Reporter:  dustymugs       |       Owner:  dustymugs            
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Comment(by dustymugs):

 Replying to [comment:3 pracine]:
 > 2) I was planning "rangemin <= x < rangemax". To solve the rangemax
 issue when x = rangemax you could introduce the keyword "rangemax" saying
 "if you use the "rangemax" keyword for rangemax, '<=' is used instead of
 '<'" in the comparison. To be convenient and symetrical you could also
 support the "rangemin" keyword even if we don't really need it.

 In thinking about how to properly detail the range intervals, I think
 using keywords such as rangemax is crude.  I'm thinking about notating the
 intervals similar to the math world.

 1. [a-b] = a <= x <= b

 2. (a-b] = a < x <= b

 3. [a-b) = a <= x < b

 4. (a-b) = a < x < b

 !#3 above would be the default evaluation of x in the range a-b.  The use
 of square brackets and parentheses are optional, so the examples below
 would be permitted.  Missing notations substitute the appropriate notation
 from !#3 above.

 [a-b = a <= x < b

 (a-b = a < x < b

 a-b] = a <= x <= b

 a-b) = a <= x < b

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