[postgis-devel] Problems compiling GEOS 3.3.0 with MngW-64

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Apr 13 15:18:17 PDT 2011

We are setting up our MingW64 environments with the hopes of compiling both
32-bit and 64-bit PostGIS 2.0.

That said we have run into stumbling blocks with compiling GEOS 3.3.0 under
this environment.  Right now we are just trying on a 32-bit, but will be
dong the same on our 64-bit windows 7 soon.

Attached is the log of our compile.

It seems to get to the link stage but then fails when trying to generate the
dll with complaints of this sort:

undefined reference to `geos::geom::util::GeometryTransformer

As far as we can quickly tell, the issues seem to be isolated  to the
GeometryTransformer.  I see the .o and .lo files were created for those

Given that MingW is so new to us, I wouldn't be surprised if we are just not
doing it right.

I've cc'd PostGIS dev in case Mark C. or anyone else hhas any thoughts:

The instructions we are putting together are here:


Anyway any thoughts on the matter will be helpful.   FWIW we are running:
gcc 4.5.3 prerelease.

Haven't tried to do this with  CMake yet.

Regina and Leo
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