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Thu Apr 28 05:02:14 PDT 2011

#926: ST_GeometryN, ST_PointN (input of array) return set
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 Priority:  medium       |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
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 Thinking about ST_DumpPoints and how it doesn't scale with Line strings.

 The problem with ST_GeometryN and ST_PointN is that as Paul noted in IRC,
 requires a memory copy of the whole geometry for each call.
 See thread - http://logs.qgis.org/postgis/%23postgis.2011-04-27.log

 I've had other needs in the past where I needed to explode only a portion
 of a geometry but not all.  ST_Dump becomes slow because it needs to
 return data I don't care about and ST_PointN/ST_GeometryN are too slow too
 because if I care about 1000 points of a 100,000 geometry -- memcopy 1000
 times is also painful.


 ST_GeometryN/ST_PointN/ST_InteriorRingN(geom, int[])  returns a set of
 geometries and takes an arbitrary 1-dimensional array of index positions.

 This has a myriad of utilities -- e.g. I could take a huge line and break
 it into multiple segments easily without incurring memory copy penalty.

 My linestring dump would then be.

 SELECT ST_PointN(geom, ARRAY(SELECT generate_series(1,

 And of course if I only cared about points from 4 to 6, I would do
 which I predict would be really fast even for a 100,000 point linestring

 SELECT ST_PointN(geom,[4,5,6]);

 Then if we swap out the ST_PointN use in ST_DumpPoints with this new
 implementation, it may beat bitnerd's implementation.


 And be much less cryptic looking :).

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