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#931: [raster] ST_Mean
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Comment(by pracine):

 Using ST_Union on a 1 TB coverage would mean creating a one row, 1 TB
 objects... I don't think we want to do that. ST_Union should be used to
 generate bigger raster from a mimited number of tiles. Or in a SET
 function returning itself only tiles.

 I guess the preferred general technique to make a global raster coverage
 function is to create a ST_Mean function accepting a table name and a
 raster column name and have this function to build a EXECUTE query over
 all the raster of that table. Something like:

 SELECT ST_Mean('myrastercoveragetable', 'myrastercolumn')

 The code of this function would look very much like the one I prototyped
 at the end of raster\scripts\plpgsql\st_histogram.sql. In the case of
 ST_Mean, example 7.

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