[postgis-devel] Speaking of openness and formality - finish vote on Bborie Park as a committer

Pierre Racine Pierre.Racine at sbf.ulaval.ca
Fri May 13 13:51:46 PDT 2011

> > -It would be nice to have the "SVN Commit Practice numbered" (so we
> > can
> refer to them) and listed in order of importance (and/or maybe grouped into
> sections like "To do when Commiting", "Branches", "Restriction on Commits",
> "Broken Build").
> Good idea -- Hmm though that would mean I would have to have everyone
> reagree to the terms or do we not have to be that formal since the general
> content will not have changed?

That will not change the terms... Just reorder/classify them.

> > -Only PSC people, on the agreement of other PSC people, should be
> > allowed
> to modify this document.
> You mean enforce in some way or just note it in the document.

For sure you should note it. I don't if you can enforce write restriction on one wiki page though.

> > The sentence "Once a new feature ticket is completed, it should have
> > in
> keywords section of ticket with history. " is not clear for me. What does that
> mean?
> Strk and I had a long discussion about this.  Our compromise was put
> keyword "history" in newsworthy items.  The purpose is so that when we
> make news announcement we don't forget an important item.  So we can
> run a query like this to see what we need to put in NEWS
> http://trac.osgeo.org/postgis/query?milestone=PostGIS+2.0.0&keywords=~
> histor
> y&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=component&col=type&col=stat
> us&col=pr
> iority&col=milestone

Ok. This is more clear.

> > There has been a large number of tickets fixed for PostGIS raster.
> >  Should we add them all in the NEWS document?
> NO.  Raster has no errors :) Just like topology has no errors.  Both are new
> features so those errors are just interim enhancements.
> The rule is new features have no bugs until they are no longer new features.
> > For PostGIS 2.1  then you would have to document fixes.  If you just
> > put a
> history in keywords of trac, that's sufficient since we'll query the history
> items before release to make sure we got everything newsworthy.
> > In any other document? Can we just write a little text describing
> > PostGIS
> raster and list the contributors?
> It will be part of the NEWS release for 2.0, but feel free to edit that now if
> you want.  The NEWS in svn and repeated in the release notes of the
> documentation.

Ok thanks,


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