[postgis-devel] Should we start using default args now?

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon May 16 22:01:13 PDT 2011

Now that Bborie has unleashed his load of functions; I'm not complaining, I
did ask for it :)

I was wondering if maybe we should start using default arguments at least
for raster.  Now that our minimum is 8.4 for PostGIS 2.0, this is now an
option.  Does it make sense?

Just for perspective, I think before Bborie's commit I had about 600

After I have 820.

This does not include topology or tiger geocoder functions which each live
in their own schema  (or the legacy functions I tore out).

Many of these functions like ST_Approxsttdev, ST_AsTiff etc. each have like
5 or 6 permutations.

This will be a bit of a challenge for me documenting if we switch to default
args  - mostly have to change the xsl comment scripts to recognize optional
args and so forth, but something I figured I'd have to do everntually



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