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Fri May 20 05:04:36 PDT 2011

#944: typmod support for PostGIS geometry
 Reporter:  robe         |       Owner:  pramsey      
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium       |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.0
Component:  postgis      |     Version:  trunk        
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Comment(by robe):

 Okay as I mentioned in hindsight -- the trick to make views appear
 correctly in our meta table is probably the same trick I use in other
 views for having them register correctly in information_schema etc.

 SELECT ST_Transform(geom,4326)::geometry(POINT,4326)

 So I guess a bit of a false alarm there.

 Honestly though -- I'm beginning to like my hybrid idea much better now
 that I have heard all of your dilbert ideas :)---.  In fact I would say my
 hybrid is not an ugly duckling at all but quite pretty and is the only
 solution thus for that satifies everybody's needs.

 Really what is so bad about having a UNION ALL or even an EXCEPT in a
 view.  I do it all the time and it will work for everyone.
 So to clarify -- this is what I propose our geometry_columns look like

 -- just for upgrading --
 ALTER TABLE geometry_column RENAME TO geometry_columns_additional;
 -- end upgrading --
 CREATE VIEW geometry_columns AS
  FROM pg_catalogs blah blah blah
    WHERE geometry_typmod_type(a.atttypmod) != 'Geometry'
  FROM geometry_columns_additional;


 BTW Mark -- I don't care what you say -- I am still vehemently against
 screwing around with pg_catalog tables regardless of how much we think we
 know about them.  All we need is someone coming back yelling at us because
 we screwed up their data because they had some strange setup we didn't
 account for.

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