[postgis-devel] [postgis-users] how to keep geometry_columns in sync wit tablesand views (and new PostGIS 2.0 plans)

Stephen Frost sfrost at snowman.net
Sun May 22 09:09:31 PDT 2011

* Paragon Corporation (lr at pcorp.us) wrote:
> I would almost go with forcing everyone to change their existing tables to
> typmod if they want to reap the benefits of PostGIS 2.0,
> but most of my clients will not go to 2.0 then.

What I havn't heard yet is any explanation or description of *why* they
wouldn't want to move to 2.0 if it only supported the typmod approach..?

> We could try Mark's idea of hacking the catalog tables to automagically
> convert table constraints to typmod but that all sounds pretty scary to me.

The upgrade question should not be terribly difficult to solve by just
using the current geometry_columns table to help with the generation of
the new tables...?

> Especially with my special
> Inheritcance case -- I can just see that failing miserably and screwing up
> my tables.

Can you provide more insight on this..?  I'm not familiar with your
'special inheritance case'..

> Anyrate we can't try any of these until you put in place the typmod feature.
> Once you put in place typmod -- I think we can exercise all the various
> options to see which evil is the least of all evils.

Part of the issue here, however, is if there's something the typmod
approach isn't doing currently that it could/should be doing which would
resolve these concerns...?


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