[postgis-devel] In-place upgrade to 2.0 (New features in postgreSQL 9.1. - trigram)

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Tue May 24 16:47:51 PDT 2011

> That's really excellent, and boy I wish I knew what file I should be
reading to know all these new features... what file should I be reading?

Probably the best one to look at is this one since it has examples as well.


BTW:  One feature I'm really excited about and itching to try with
tiger_geocoder is the new trigram behavior

If you have a trigram index in place

A clause like this:

animal  LIKE '%elephant%'  

Is automagically an indexable check.  That compounded with the new KNN
features in trigram may mean I can get orders of magnitude improvements in
speed in tiger_geocoder in 9.1 without breaking a sweat and still make it
backwards compatible with older versions of PostgreSQL.

Hmm I wonder if this would make PostgreSQL the first relational database
where such a WHERE condition can use an index without resorting to cryptic
full text search mumbo jumbo that is incosistent across databases.  I don't
know of any others that can.


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