[postgis-devel] [raster] hasnodata, exclude_nodata, include_nodata , whatever nodata :)

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri May 27 15:33:34 PDT 2011

I took this off the ticket since it's a side topic affecting many functions.

I feel we can use different names as long as we don't use the same name to
mean two different things.

But if we must go with one name, the value must mean the same thing as
hasnodata so that people used to using that argument don't get surprised
when it does something different.

How about:

exclude_nodata_value = true   is the same as hasnodata=true

I don't really think we need to throw band in there since the nodata is tied
to a band.  


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Comment(by pracine):

 I think we should keep it then...

 I think this name should be consistent and involve the same behavior for
all functions (ST_Value and ST_Intersects included).

 What about "disablebandnodata"? Which means the opposite of hasnodata...
 and should be FALSE by default.

 I think Regina should come with a consistent name that we can apply
everywhere. I was happy with hasnodata. Snif ;-( I already miss it...

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