[postgis-devel] TIGER Geocoder setup

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I didn't because a lot of people install into existing spatial databases
where they already have the search paths set so if I were to do that in the
script, I could break their other applications.

For example I have one client who has 5 items in his search schema mostly
for logical partitioning of which department is responsible for the data but
from an application standpoint is not relevant and some people like us like
to put their custom functions and data in separate schema from public but
don't want to schema qualify everytime they need to use them.

Though now that you mention it, I could put in that line remarked out so
people can manually edit and enable it  if they wanted to itemize the
schemas there.


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Why not just add the line

${PSQL_CMD} -d "${THEDB}" -c "ALTER DATABASE geocoder SET
search_path=public, tiger;"

  to create_geocode.sh, right after creating the tiger schema?


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