[postgis-devel] About the build of postgis on windows platform

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Now, the PostgreSQL  supports only VS2005 directly.  And it supports VS2005 well.
The dependant project Geos and Proj of postGIS also can be built under VS2005 very well.
My thinking is that postGIS could do this as well by a little extra work. 
Anyway, it will take time to make it work.
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 Not without a lot of work I'm afraid.  That's why we  didn't go down that route, we started off trying and gave up. Granted we don't  have much experience with VC.  No one has stepped up to spend the effort on  it. 
 We personally don't care much for VS 2008 (2008 is ancient at  this point) so we are definitely not willing to put in the effort for  it.  The main reason I don't like it is I'm running VC 2010 (just for web  development) on my box and evne that is old and 
 I don't want to install yet another VS that takes eons to  install and when I can just copy my mingw chain to another computer and be done  with it.  I don't think the PostgreSQL system completely supports VC 2010  yet and even if it did, we'd have to be distrbuting VC 2010 runtimes in the  build, thus making our packaging more complicated.
 PostGIS make check tool chain is also very much  designed to work under a Unix environment so to check VS without that,  I could never trust the build I make with VS so I'd end up having to build  with 2 chains.
 So unless someone else is willing to put in the aggrevation of  getting a native VS build working, it ain't happening. 
 Sorry to be so blunt about it,

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For now, seems the native build of VS2005/2008 on windows platform    is not supported directly for postgis2.0.
Is it possible to get a    makefile.vc to work for the postgis?

Since postgresql has already    changed the default build mode on windows platform, I think it's very useful    to most of the developer.


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