[postgis-devel] netCDF support

JS Ubei jsubei at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 17 02:55:41 PDT 2012

Hi dear list,

I'm currently playing with new raster support functions from the SVN up-to-date postgis version.

In my lab, we handle raster data as netCDF files.

I've inserted a "out of the base" raster like this :

./postgis-svn/raster/loader/raster2pgsql -R -b 01 -s 4326 -f raster 'NETCDF:"/opt/SeawiFS_05d_month_1998-2007/w05d_seawifs_chla_50km_1m_19980101_19981231.er10.float.nc":chla' out_of_the_base > outOfTheBase.sql

But, when I try to access it I've got the error message :

SELECT ST_SummaryStats(raster) FROM out_of_the_base;
ERREUR:  rt_band_load_offline_data: Cannot open offline raster: NETCDF:"/opt/SeawiFS_05d_month_1998-2007/w05d_seawifs_chla_50km_1m_19980101_19981231.er10.float.nc":chla
CONTEXTE : fonction SQL « st_summarystats », instruction 1

Are "out-db" netCDF raster supported ? planned ?


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