[postgis-devel] [PostGIS] #1781: Window installer freezes with blank password

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Wed Apr 18 05:31:50 PDT 2012

#1781: Window installer freezes with blank password
 Reporter:  realityexists  |       Owner:  pramsey      
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new          
 Priority:  medium         |   Milestone:  PostGIS 2.0.1
Component:  postgis        |     Version:  2.0.x        
 Keywords:                 |  

Comment(by realityexists):

 The DLL in use error was after the freeze, so that's separate. (I didn't
 raise another ticket about it, because I didn't note down the exact error
 message, but I presume the DLL was in use by PostGIS itself, which
 wouldn't be unexpected.)

 I don't have "trust" configured in pg_hba.conf, but somehow psql.exe
 allows user postgres in without a password. I just realised why that may
 be: the password for that user is now the same as for the PostgreSQL
 service Windows account. It wasn't before and that was when the freezing
 issue occurred. While trying to repro it I realised I don't actually know
 the postgres user password and changed it (using another superuser
 account) to be the same as the service user password. After that it went
 through fine with any password.

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