[postgis-devel] GeoHash decoding function

J Smith dark.panda+lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 08:49:42 PDT 2012

G'day list.

I've been using GeoHashes recently for a project in combination with
PostGIS and was wondering why there's a PostGIS function for encoding
a geometry to a GeoHash but no function for decoding a GeoHash into,
say, a bbox or envelope or something. I'd be interested in such a
function myself, as the project I'm working on involves some geocoding
using GeoHashes, basically, and it would be a lot easier to be able to
work with the GeoHashes directly in SQL rather than outside of my

I'm planning on writing an equivalent of ST_GeoHash_decode or
something to that effect in a procedural language, although if there
was any real interest I could look into implementing it in C for
inclusion into PostGIS itself.


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